Thursday, June 30, 2005

Twenty Years from Now

In the not-too-distant future
When the housing bubble's popped;
The peak oil's peaked; the globe has warmed;
Society has stopped;

Then the bullies will take over
And the land grabs will commence
Strong young males with excess hormones
Will respect no deed or fence

Who will stand up to this menace,
Save our precious sons and daughters?
Why, the artsy, intelleckshul
Roving Gangs of Queer Marauders!

LGBTs, shy, retiring,
Must learn how to shoot an Uzi
Art and film and music majors
Can all join - we won't be choosy

Operating by consensus
And by strictest feminist process
We'll debate things to the wee hours
Free of leaders and of bosses

When the straight boys in the Hummers
Come to take away our gardens
We'll convince them of their errors
And they'll humbly beg our pardon

Then they'll join us, and together
We'll renew civilization
Everyone will be respected
In our new inclusive nation


Blogger Roman said...

a very Lennonesque piece, yet another dreamer, eh?

3:24 PM  
Blogger dveej said...

Lennon believed that the world he "Imagine"d could come to be. I don't believe it. I was writing this poem in despair, pointing out how bad it will be. It was meant ironically.

Since the dawn of agriculture, which was the dawn of slavery, whenever a big political system falls, the worst parts of people come out, and we justify our behavior in many ways: "It's for my children's sake"; "They don't mind being slaves; they're used to it"; etc.

Do you know where the English words "lord" and "lady" come from? They mean "the one who guards the bread" and "the one who kneads the bread". Feudal peasants slaved from dawn to dusk, and if they produced all that was required of them, they were (no doubt grudgingly) given out some bread from the Lord's storehouse.

Get your damn hands off of my bread. I made it, after all.

10:49 PM  
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